Next Event: December 19th, 2020

Video Submissions

Video Submission Deadline: Wednesday, December 2nd, 2020

All video submissions must be received by December 2nd to allow time for them to be professionally edited. All entry forms and payments for The Pre-Recorded Section must also be submitted by December 2nd.


  1. Submit your entry forms via email or mail. Your instructor will then receive an invoice via email. Submit your payment for the balance due.

  2. Once we receive your entries, you will receive an email with the music files for all of the dances you entered. These songs will be at competition tempo and will contain “audio markers” at the beginning and end of each track consisting of three drum taps and a beep. For our editing purposes, your recorded videos MUST include the full audio markers at both the beginning AND end of every track.

  3. Record your dances one at a time to the music files provided. For example, if you are competing in all five (5) of the Bronze Standard dances, you will submit five (5) separate videos, one for each dance, to the five (5) Bronze Standard music tracks you will receive. In addition to the phone that will record the videos, you will need a separate device from which to play your music.

How To Film Your Dancing:

  • ***Ask a friend or colleague to film your dancing. Have them follow you around the space to ensure you are always front and center in the shot.

  • DO NOT use a tripod as it will be too difficult for the judges to see your dancing when you are far away.

  • Record your videos horizontally with your smart phone set to 1080p at 30 frames per second. (Open your “Settings” then go to “Camera” to make sure your phone camera is set to 1080p).

  • When your are in position, the person filming should first start recording and then play the audio track. This will ensure that the full audio marker in included in the recording. Each track contains a couple of seconds of lag time before the audio marker (three drum taps and a beep) to give both the dancers and the camera operator time to get in position before the dance begins.

  • Each track contains one minute and 10 seconds (1:10) of music to dance to. After 1:10, the music will fade out. When you hear the music fade out, bow like you would at a traditional competition. After the music fades to silence, there will be another audio marker: three drum taps and a beep. The person filming should continue recording until you are finished bowing AND until the ending audio marker has stopped.

  • DO NOT edit your videos in any way. We require the original video files to edit on our end to present in the appropriate format for the competition.

How To Upload Your Final Videos:

  1. Once you have recorded your videos, upload them to Google Drive, and share the folder with We will send you a confirmation email when we receive your videos. If you do not receive a confirmation email by Thursday, December 3rd, please follow up with us to ensure we did in fact receive your videos.

  2. Name Your Folder: “Leader Full Name & Follower Full Name, Studio”. For example: “John Smith & Betty Silver, Blue Suede Ballroom Studio”.

  3. Title Each Song: “Age, Level, Style, Dance”. For example: “A2 Full Silver Smooth Waltz”.

Google Drive offers 15 GB of storage for free for all users with a Gmail account. If you do not have enough storage space to upload all of your videos at once, email You can upload your videos in portions, allow us to transfer them to our database, and then delete the videos you already uploaded to free up space to upload the remaining videos.

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