Next Event: December 19th, 2020

Japanese traditional ZEN performance

THE CITY’S DANCESPORT CHALLENGE presents a Japanese traditional ZEN performance by Hideo and KARAS on Friday, December 18th 2020 at TWA hotel JFK Airport.
Samurai were required to master 18 different style of martial arts. KARAS performs the special skills required for Samurai, swordsmanship, the art of stick and a Yugen dance (delicate beauty dance) which performed before the samurai headed for the battle, along with the traditional Japanese instrument “Shakuhachi” Yugen dance in order to get rid of the fear of death and put an a mask to go into a trance.
The first “shakuhachi” appears in Japan the middle of the 8th century. These shakuhachi were used as part of the Gagaku ensemble-The Imperial Court orchestra. It was introduced as a high class gagaku and then spread to monks. The monks who are called “Komuso” mendicant monk worn a straw bascinet play solo pieces on the shakuhachi.

Please enjoy Yugen dance and shakuhachi tone that Honkyoku were played during a meditative practice for a method of attaining enlightenment.

Expert shakuhachi player: “Hideo” was born in Tokyo, Japan. After learning different styles of shakuhachi playing, in 1986 he joined the Komuso Kenkyu-kai (monks of emptiness), a research organization on Komuso monks and their shakuhachi music. He has been performing honkyoku pieces since then in both Japan and the United States. Besides his involvement in the tradition of Komuso music, he has been active in collaboration with performing arts such as modern, Duncan, Butoh, Flamenco and Noh dances.

Samurai master “KARAS” is called “Modern day Samurai” was born as a descendant of samurai and played with a real sword since he was three years old. As his mission, teaching sword technique and philosophy to 2000 people a year in Japan.



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