Next Event: December 19th, 2020

2020 Schedule Of Events

2020 City’s Virtual Schedule of Events!
1. Pre-Recorded International Ballroom
07:30AM Pre-Recorded International Ballroom Single Dances
08:43AM Pre-Recorded International Ballroom Multi-Dances/ Scholarships
10:10AM End of Session

2. Live American Rhythm
10:10AM Live American Rhythm Single Dances
11:23AM Live American Rhythm Multi-Dances/ Scholarships
11:55AM End of Session

3. Live International Ballroom
11:55AM Live International Ballroom Single Dances
12:45PM Live International Ballroom Multi-Dances/ Scholarships
01:20PM End of Session

***01:20PM Traditional Zen Samurai Performance***

4. Live International Latin
01:40PM Live International Latin Single Dances
03:28PM Live International Latin Multi-Dances/ Scholarships
05:00PM End of Session

5. Live American Smooth
05:00PM Live American Smooth Single Dances
05:54PM Live American Smooth Multi-Dances/ Scholarships
06:15PM Live Adult Amateur American Smooth
06:35PM End of Session

6. Pre-Recorded American Rhythm
06:35PM Pre-Recorded American Rhythm Single Dances
07:55PM Pre-Recorded American Rhythm Multi-Dances/ Scholarships
08:15PM End of Session

7. Pre-Recorded American Smooth
08:15PM Pre-Recorded American Smooth Single Dances
09:26PM Pre-Recorded American Smooth Multi-Dances/ Scholarships
09:50PM End of Session

8. Pre-Recorded International Latin
09:50PM Pre-Recorded International Latin Single Dances
10:53PM Pre-Recorded International Latin Multi-Dances/ Scholarships
12:00 AM End of Session


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